Favorite Pinterest Board Names

I have posted a ton of our wedding sparkler photos onto Pinterest.  I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon early and have been in love ever since.  As you all must know, whenever someone repins a photo you have posted, you receive an email letting you know who and onto what board.  I am sometimes tickled by the clever names of the boards.  Regardless the name, it is true that wedding sparklers on Pinterest are a huge hit!

Here are some favorite photos that are repinned…

 wedding sparkler collage


And the board names…

Pinterest Names




How are Wedding Sparklers Made?

When I started this wedding sparkler business 11 years ago, I simply knew I wanted to sell the high quality, long lasting sparklers I had used at my own wedding.  I was well aware that the wooden sparklers were smokey and the 36 inch sparklers would be such a fun way to exit my reception.  We have sold the same sparklers for 11 years, from the same manufacturer.  I thought it might be interesting to share some photos of the process of making the sparklers.

Step One:

step one - making sparklers

Align the sparklers onto a special board

Step Two:

Dip the sparklers into the composite

Dip the sparklers into the composite.  And then dip again so the sparklers last extra long.

Step 3:

Allow the sparklers to dry in the sunshine

Allow the sparklers to dry in the sunshine

Step 4:

Transport the dry sparklers to be packaged and shipped to Tennessee

Transport the dry sparklers to be packaged and shipped to Tennessee







Shipping sparklers overnight

Let me start and say we CANNOT ship sparklers overnight – for any reason. I wish we could!

I love different types of brides.  Some have been engaged for over 1 year, others just a few months.  The question I get almost every Thursday or Friday is “Can you overnight wedding sparklers to me?”.  Oh how I wish the answer was something different than what I have to tell people, which is no.  Sparklers are allowed to be shipped via a ground method only – period.  We use UPS exclusively.


My crew at Sparklers Online is super good at what they do and after 11 years of shipping sparklers, we have it down to a science.  We have custom shipping boxes to make sure the wedding sparklers are not damaged in transit.  We have an amazing UPS driver who is kind enough to wait in the parking lot when we have a last minute order.  We do everything we can to make sure your sparklers arrive via UPS on time.

We have one thing we need from all our adorable brides.  PLEASE order wedding sparklers advance.  Please!  We have free shipping and have a 100% return policy – for any reason.  Really, we will take sparklers back if they have all been used!  If kept in a dry place, the sparklers will stay good for over 10 years.  They are the perfect thing to order in advance and cross off your list.

So let me sum it up…wedding sparklers shipped overnight simply cannot happen.  Wedding sparklers shipped via UPS Ground – absolutely.  And because we ship from Tennessee, we can reach 80% of the population in 3 days.




Huffington Post Weddings and sparklers

I have a lot of time I sit in the car waiting on my children.  While I am in the car, I spend time on the HuffPost app in the wedding section.  This year my husband and i are celebrating out 15th wedding anniversary.  That being said – it was A LONG TIME AGO that I was a bride.  I have to keep up to date with all you adorable brides and know what the trends are for 2014.

I was thrilled to see a Pinterest Round-up of the best pages to visit.  May include old friends – Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes as well as some smart newcomers with ideas galore!  What I loved even more is in the small blurb about each one, wedding sparklers were featured two times in the photos!  Wedding sparklers on the Huffington Post – yes!!!  Please be sure to visit this amazing website and see the sparkler ideas as well as the most creative and unique things out there!  You will be amazed!

The Huffington Post News and Weddings

The Huffington Post – News and Weddings


I love their posts – you can always learn about an interesting wedding, a heartwarming proposal, a honeymoon destination etc.  Here is the terrific post about Pinterest – my favorite site (besides www.sparklersonline.com, of course).  This post features, as I said above, some of the very best pinners for inspiration.  I also love that quite a few feature wedding sparklers and how to display them at the wedding with cute wedding sparkler tags.

A favorite Huffington Post article

A favorite Huffington Post article


Writing with Wedding Sparklers


writing with sparklers


I ran across a cute blog the other day -  and it got me thinking – maybe people use sparklers for things other than weddings.

OK, I know this is true, but seeing a bunch of college prepsters spelling out sorority names made me laugh!  I particularly am fond of the one with the crown.

See for yourself.  There are all kinds of things people do with wedding sparklers instead of using them at weddings!



This blog consists of a cute girl, her dad (who has a lifelong dream of writing with sparklers) and a bunch of friends!  The College Prepster – TCP – you will love this blog and the cute daily posts.  She suggests using safety sparklers which is really  36 inch sparklers or 20 inch sparklers.  They have long handles so you will not have to worry.

sparkler crown

sparkler crown

There are so many cute ways people write for their weddings.  Some people spell out their new last name with sparklers, others write out their wedding date.  One of my favorites is this vintage looking photo where everyone draws a heart with the sparklers. People call me often asking what size sparklers to use for this purpose.  Because the 20 inch sparklers last 2 minutes and the 36 inch sparklers last for 4 minutes, they are the best ones to use for this purpose.  It might take a few tries to get it just right…be patient and the sparklers will do the rest!

JLB Wedding Photography

JLB Wedding Photography



Sparklers as Holiday Gifts

A few weeks ago, our elves were busy packaging the cutest holidays gifts for one of our favorite customers – an adorable producer, writer, girl of all trades southern girl living in Hollywood.  Clearly she takes holiday gifts seriously and decided to add some sparkle to her friend’s and business associate’s holidays with some sparklers.

We packed boxes with LL Bean bags monogrammed with the word sparklers (Sparklers! as her company name is BrendaVision!) too cute.  Then each person received either the 20 inch sparklers or the 36 inch sparklers.

From what I hear, the response to the sparkler idea has been overwhelming!  We were thrilled to help spread sparklers across the US this holiday!

Sparklers as holiday gifts

Sparklers as holiday gifts


Let us do the work!  Sparklers, monogrammed sparkler bags.

Let us do the work! Sparklers, monogrammed sparkler bags.

Love all the red and the monograms with sparklers

Love all the red and the monograms with sparklers





Friday Night Lights: Sparkle at your Weekend Wedding

A perfect end to a perfect evening with sparklers

A perfect end to a perfect evening with sparklers

Couples are choosing Friday night weddings.   I personally have never attended a wedding on a Friday night, but I am also almost 39 and do not have many friends getting married these days.   With weekends traditionally the favorite time for most couples to schedule their wedding ceremony, it’s always a very busy time for vendors and venues that normally host wedding celebrations. This can cause it to be very difficult for couples to get the right space that they were hoping for.

Better Availability Lower Prices

Caterers are also extremely busy on weekends, but not so much during the week. For this reason, they will often offer discounts on their services if you’re willing to choose a week day for your celebration. For instance, a bridal shower could be scheduled on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening. A rehearsal dinner could be held on any week night as well.

All vendors who cater to weddings are far less busy on weekdays and nights than weekends. The only exception to this rule is on those dates that are numerically significant. Couples like to get married on dates like 09/9/09, 10/10/10, 12/12/12 etc. Couples also like to get married on historically significant dates such as Elvis’s birthday, Pearl Harbor Day, and dates that are meaningful to them personally.

A survey of vendors that normally work with weddings shows that many of them offer discounts if you’re willing to schedule your wedding on Friday night. You might be able to save up to half off the cost of a hall or chapel, food service, and rented equipment. Brides will also find better availability of all the items needed to put together a top-notch wedding.

How Will your Guests Feel?

Wedding guests also agree that a Friday night wedding is completely agreeable. Most people can take Friday off work without any problem, then they have the rest of their weekend left for other relaxing family events. This will give you and your guests all day to prepare.

Sleep in. Take a relaxing bath. Visit a spa or salon to get your makeup and hair done. There’s no rush with a Friday night wedding, either for the bride and groom or for the guests. This idea also works well for destination weddings or out-of-towners. After the Friday night ceremony, your friends and family will have the whole weekend to get together for dinners, pool parties, shopping trips, etc.

Make it Special with Wedding Sparklers

Regardless of what day you choose for your beautiful wedding, don’t forget to Sparkle with gorgeous wedding sparklers from SparklersOnline.com.  They are an original and fresh idea and very affordable. Sparkle is the premier wedding sparkler website offering best-quality wedding sparklers in three sizes. Our web site contains a number of ideas and photos that can help you use your sparklers in the most creative ways. Wedding sparklers come in 10, 20 and 36 inch sizes and can be safely stored. They’re a fun addition to any party.


It all started here…the simple wedding sparkler idea

I seem to be asked often, “Where did the idea of using sparklers at wedding originate”?  It is a sweet story – one I can claim as my very own.  It really started with this photo below.  The photo is from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.  It came out in 1997, I was engaged in 1998 and married in 1999.  I wanted to do this at my wedding but it did not make sense.  My family is in the fireworks business, and I thought what can I do utilizing fireworks to make the end of my wedding special.  It honestly hit me like a ton of bricks.  Have each guest light a sparkler and make them into something called Wedding Sparklers.

original wedding sparklers

the idea that sparked the wedding sparklers industry

It took a while to introduce the idea of using sparklers at weddings.  People did not know how to use them.  If I asked people to consider sparklers, they really did not even know what i was talking about.  Wedding sparklers, what are those?  But once I showed photos, it took off like crazy!

So when you are choosing your sparklers, think of me, the fun idea I had and how it launched a great way to end the evening.  Our wedding sparklers have been the same quality sparkler we have sold for 10 solid years.  When you call the company, you speak with me, Libba, the owner and day to day manager of the business.  I pride myself on a great product and perfect customer service.

My sweet husband and I are about to celebrate 15 years of marriage!  The Navy, Wedding Sparklers, 8 states and 9 moves!

The Original Wedding Sparkler Photo

The Original Wedding Sparkler Photo


How to Choose the Best Music for Your Wedding

Wedding SparklersEveryone will agree that music plays an important part in all our lives, so it’s no surprise that it’s a key ingredient for any wedding ceremony and reception. When you choose the right music, it creates just the right mood for everyone to have fun.

For a memorable wedding and reception, it’s important to consider the decorations, wedding colors, and other things specific to the bride and groom. For instance, if the couple is over 50, then playing some old-school rock ‘n roll might be fun for all. If the couple are both into some sport, like surfing, then it could be amusing to play favorite surfing songs such as:

  • Pipeline by the Chantays
  • Mr. Moto by the Belairs
  • Surfing Safari by the Beachboys

For just about every sport or hobby, there are plentiful tunes that can spice up the celebration and be fun for all your guests.

Consider your Wedding Theme

Wedding themes have become more popular and couples are really enjoying playing with the idea of incorporating a theme into their celebration. Some of the favorites are:

  • Hollywood musicals, past or present-Imagine using Sound of Music or Cats for your wedding theme. The possibilities are literally endless.
  • Disney movies-What was your favorite? Lion King, Cars, Lady & the Tramp would all transform an ordinary wedding into a fun bash. Where else could a bride dressed like a mermaid be the center of attention?
  • Sci-Fi. Imagine a wedding party dressed like the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Be Imaginative

Of course, it is best to keep things tasteful but couples these days are tired of the same old boring wedding ceremonies. They’re ready to go out on a limb and really turn their wedding into the fun event of the year for family and guests. One very unusual bride and groom recently used the “Zombies” theme in their wedding. Guests were stunned, amazed and amused and the whole ceremony was unforgettable.

Some Tips

If your budget allows it, you can opt for live music but many couples go with a talented local DJ. Most DJs are very cool about accommodating any musical requirements but remember to start looking early in order to schedule the best ones. A great live band or DJ can make or break your party. Be sure to discuss all the details and ask for a contract that outlines what the performer will provide and the prices.


How to Use Sparklers in Your Perfect Wedding Video

wedding video tips
Happy couples everywhere send us photographs from their wedding to show us how they used our product, Sparklers, to create an even more fun and exciting wedding day for the bride, groom and guests. Often we get funny, creative photos that come alive because of the many ways couples figure out to use wedding Sparklers. But what about your wedding video? If you are fortunate enough to be able to hire a professional videographer, then you may get a really high quality wedding video. But even the good videographers often don’t know how to get those exceptional shots of people using our Sparklers.

Surround the Couple in Bright Light

Our wedding sparklers are the brightest on the market. They also burn for a full four minutes which is longer than most brands. These two facts make it possible to get some gorgeous still shots and video shots. One idea that works well is placing guests on both sides of an aisle who are holding newly lit sparklers. Any photographer worth his weight would be able to get some amazing photos. But the fact that sparklers will burn for four minutes makes it easy to get incredible video of the happy couple strolling down the aisle with guests on both sides waving bright white sparklers.

Tips on Sparkler Writing

Another good idea for wedding video shots using sparklers involves placing a dozen guests behind the happy couple who wave the sparklers in a circular motion.  A videographer can move from left to right, slowly recording happy smiles against a sparkling white background. Of course, many of our customers have fine-tuned the art of Sparkler writing and we get photos all the time of guests spelling out the words “L-O-V-E” OR “J-O-Y”.  Sparkler writing can take a bit of finesse to master but a good wedding videographer will be able to get some great shots of guests drawing circles in the air or making zig-zag patterns.

Find a Clever Backdrop

Finding a unique backdrop for videos and photos is just part of the process of being able to get wonderful wedding videos that the whole family will love. Look for areas where there’s an unusual architectural feature like an old brick wall or ornate archway. Placing a few guests in the background with lit sparklers will bring the shot to life. Shots in front a pond or water fountain are always a favorite. If placed correctly, the sparklers will look as if they are lighting up the water giving your video and still shots a dramatic appeal.

At Sparklersonline.com we specialize in making your wedding every bit as special as you dream.  And wedding sparklers can make it unique, beautiful and memorable. We hope the above tips are helpful for your wedding video but they would also work well for an anniversary party, birthday party, or any festive event.


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